Ashleigh Keenan-Bryce



Hiya! I’m Ashleigh and I was born in Greenock. I moved to California when I was 11 and later to Perth, Western Australia. I returned home to Greenock in 2013 to get married. Despite my travels around the world, I was lucky enough to end up with a boy from Inverkip.

Mouth of the Clyde was born from a tiny seed in my weird brain. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist and the older I got – and at 31 I feel very old – I wanted to celebrate and write about my friends, my neighbours, the heroes in my local community. I wanted to talk about the news locally and internationally in a way that made sense to people. I wanted to show that it’s not this intimidating and boring thing to buy a broadsheet. Mouth of the Clyde is a place for us to talk about the news, to interact as a community about how these stories affect us.

I had this website as a blog for a long time, lying dormant, too scared to do much with it. Like everyone, 2020 hit hard and made me realise what is really lying at my doorstep. Parent’s working hard to provide the best they can for their families, people grafting every hour of the day to make themselves and their business successful. My aspirations for the website grew and I wanted to create a place where we could not only do the news but come together as a community to support these local people and businesses that need our help right now.

We live in such a beautiful place and it’s easy to become blind to it because it’s there every day. It’s easy to become complacent with the resources and facilities we have. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own stories and fixate on the small things. In writing the stories you will see on this website and listening to our podcast, we hope you’re able to continue appreciating our special little town and the people in it.

Thank you so much for visiting us and we hope you will contact us and share your thoughts, stories and opinions – we’d love to hear them!


Will Brown 



Hi, I am Will. I’m 37, Greenock born and bred. You might think that’s quite old to be starting afresh and taking a chance doing this. I don’t. I’m betting on Greenock - the place that raised me and made me who I am. I’ve tried to move away, and I’ve always came back here. You can’t keep me away.

So about me… I’m dyslexic and have dyspraxia. Back when I left school and told them I wanted to be a writer they told me no and said I would have to learn how to spell before I could do that. Over the next decade I worked all over Greenock, I did my time in factories and wore my share of lab coats and heel straps, but I wasn’t satisfied doing that, so I went back to college. I wanted to make films and tell stories with the camera. I might not be able to get it on paper, but I could show them with pictures or a film.

Around 5 years ago I was working the till in shop in Greenock,
and I served Ash. I gave her cheek for buying lots of sweeties and asked if she counted them and she told me that was my job. We became fast friends. She saw that I loved to create and write and had passion for it but I had given up as I thought I was too old to do it. I was doing what my mum told me to do my whole life – get a ‘real job’. She inspired and believed in me.

So left the job I went back to college, being old enough to be most of my class’ dad.

Turned out I am good at it.

Film and comics inspire me. I’m a huge geek and that links back to Greenock too. Greenock used to have a comic store where new look is now, anyone remember The Forum? It was called Generation Comics and that was my home away from home for my childhood and inspired my mind.

Over the years I’ve started to enjoy writing and with technology
my bad spelling and punctuation can be fixed. And that's how you can read this so easy!

Don’t give up.


Lord Maximus Magic Spark, Lhasa Apso


Contact: Come meet me on my walk and we can talk.

Woof! I’m Max the news hound. I join Ash & Will on their adventures, and they use me for click bait on social media. I am paid in treats.

Likes: TREATS, going OUT, my burger toy, naps.

Dislikes: Hoover, loud noises, books, bad journalism.