Spotlight On: Cakes by Siobhan

Sometimes in life, a ray of light comes into our surroundings or community and the things they do affect so many people without them even knowing it.

For International Women’s Day, Mouth of the Clyde put a poll out to see who in our community people wanted to recognise – each and every nomination was for Siobhan Glover.

We wanted to get to know Siobhan more and to use our platform to celebrate and thank her for the hard work she does and the shining light of kindness she is in our community.

Siobhan worked in finance for 17 years but didn’t find the passion she was looking for in the job, she was looking for something more:

“it wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

“I hadn’t ever really shown an interest in baking until my 30th birthday when I decided to make some cupcakes for my friends coming to visit – they were a total disaster, but I had caught the baking bug.

“I started making lots of cupcakes and eventually a co-worker asked me to make a birthday cake and it all kind of took off from there.

“I spent the next 4 years building up my skill level and my customer base and in 2014 I made the leap to leave my full-time permanent job to jump into the unknown of being my own boss – I’ve never looked back and it was the best decision I ever made. 

Siobhan’s business grew by local support customers telling their friends about her tasty treats.

“Word of mouth is so so important to a small business like mine, and I have been really lucky that people tend to recommend my cakes to their friends, family or co-workers.

“Lots of my lovely customers also leave the nicest reviews on my Facebook business page and this really helps. This last year especially has shown me just how kind people can be about me and my business and it really means the world.

 Through her hard work and high quality, Siobhan’s cakes are becoming have become a staple of some family’s biggest celebrations.  

“This is where I am really really lucky. I have a pretty large base of Customers who come back to me for every occasion. Most of which I made their engagement cake, then wedding cake, then Baby Shower cakes which has now led to me making their children’s birthday cakes every year.

“It’s a massive honour to be part of these families’ special occasions. Plus, you get to know them so well and watch the kids grow every year, it’s so rewarding.

“It makes me feel really happy and proud that I’ve been part of their celebration.

“I recently had a customer who got in touch after receiving the cake to say it made her daughters 18th really special even though it had been celebrated in lockdown – it’s really touching.

Local businesses are at the heart of our economy and by spending our money within our community, we can see that pay off again and again. By supporting a local artist or business, that money will stay within our community and encourage growth and also support of small and up and coming businesses.

For Siobhan, the biggest payoff for her hard work is the reactions from her customers:

“My favourite thing is seeing my customers faces when they see their cakes or cupcakes. That’s what absolutely makes the long hours worthwhile.

“It’s what I’ve missed most this year as everything has to be contactless, so the majority of customers don’t open their cake boxes until they are home.

“I also absolutely love when kids see their cakes – they are so honest, so you know when they have a good reaction to it that it’s genuine. Some of my customers have been really thoughtful this year and have sent photos of them with their cakes and it absolutely makes my day when I see them.

Like many businesses, Cakes by Siobhan has faced its challenges over the past twelve months but with the support of the community and loyal customers, Siobhan is making it through.

“The biggest challenge as a small business owner in the last 12 months is probably the same one everyone has faced – COVID. This had a huge Impact on my business, and it was a really stressful and worrying time.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be able to reopen, would people still want cake, would people have forgotten about my wee business. It was horrible.

“The last year has taught me that you always have to look for new and interesting ways to keep your business fresh and relevant. The biggest thing this year was the creation of my mini cakes. We just haven’t been able to celebrate the way we normally do or with friends and family. The mini cake allows people to still have that special cake but no waste.

“At the end of the day as much as my business is my baby, there were so many people in much worse situations out there.

“It’s been a really horrible stressful year for everyone, and I was one of the really fortunate ones – Covid didn’t touch my life personally – thankfully- and my business not only survived but really thrived. For that I’ll be eternally grateful.

“I’ve probably already said it a few times, but I really do have the most wonderful customers and their support this year has been incredible, I really can’t thank them enough.”

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